Thailand Nightlife - Patpong, Bangkok

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Agogo bars, beer bars, BJ bars, discos, fantasy clubs, fetish clubs, karaoke bars, ladyboy bars, massage parlors, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and spas, with hundreds of sexy Thai bar girls, Thai ladyboys, Thai bar boys and massage girls, are all available in Patpong, Bangkok.

Patpong I has bars and restaurants and is where the bargin night shopping is found. Warning - Do not visit any of the 2nd or 3rd floor bars that will rip you off regardless of what the touts will tell you.
Patpong II has bars, discos and restaurants
Patpong III has gay bars and restaurants
Soi Thaniya is the home of Japanese nightlife in Thailand and has over 100 Karaoke bars and clubs, as well as many restaurants and golf shops.
Photos of Patpong Night Market, Bangkok
Patpong I by TripAdvisor
Pictures of Patpong Night Market - Attraction Photos
Soi Thaniya by TripAdvisor
Pictures of Patpong Night Market - Attraction Photos
Patpong III by TripAdvisor

Photos of Bangkok Nightlife

Ageha Karaoke Bar, Soi Thaniya Atessa Karaoke Bar, Soi Thaniya
Bada Bing! Agogo, Patpong I-II BarBar Fetish Club, Patpong II
Black Pagoda Gogo Club, Patpong II Club Electric Blue Agogo, Patpong II
Glamour Agogo, Patpong II Pink Panther Agogo, Patpong II
Playgirl Club Karaoke, Soi Thaniya The Strip Agogo, Patpong II

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