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Thailand Top Bars and Clubs
Photos of Patpong Night Market, Bangkok
Patpong Karaoke
by TripAdvisor

Karaoke bars catering mostly to Thais can be found everywhere from small villeges to all towns and cities throughout Thailand.

Karaoke clubs catering only to Japanese and Koreans can be found in major cities and resorts.

The Soi Thaniya area in Patpong, Bangkok is the home of Japanese nightlife in Thailand. Known to locals as Little Tokyo, this area has over 100 Karaoke bars and clubs, all with the neon lights.

Photos of Thai Karaoke

33 Ban Kani Karaoke, Soi 33 Ageha Karaoke Bar, Patpong
Atessa Karaoke Bar, Patpong Camy Lip Karaoke, Soi 39
Club First Karaoke, Soi 49 Club Kagura Karaoke, Patpong
Club Tomo Karaoke, Patpong  
Dhoom Karaoke Bar, Patpong Erika Karaoke Club, Soi 51
Hana Karaoke Bar, Patpong Kusanoki Karaoke, Patpong
Miyuki Karaoke, Soi 18 Nagomi Karaoke, Soi 31
Nan Club Karaoke, Patpong Noa Club Karaoke, Patpong
No 1 Karaoke, Soi 33 Playgirl Club Karaoke, Patpong
Playgirl 2 Karaoke Bar, Patpong Rio Club Karaoke, Soi 23
Yumeji Karaoke, Soi 33


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